Powerflush Your Heating System in Stirling from £249

At Stirling Boiler Repairs we carry out a powerflush on a central heating system from £249 for a property with 5 radiators, if your property has more than 5 radiators please feel free to give us call on 01786 625242 to discuss your property and if your property is in Stirling on the surrounding area we'll give you a price over the phone to powerflush your heating system.  Gradually over time iron oxide builds up within the pipe work and more commonly the radiators of your property and solidifies, with Stirling Boiler Repairs our powerflush treatment we use chemicals which break this down and flush it from your system which allows your radiators to heat as they should. 


Another point you should consider is if you have fitted a new boiler onto old pipework or radiators it is possible that the radiators won't be performing at the level they should be due to the build up of iron oxide in the radiators, our powerflush process would clear this from your radiators.  Also we do offer magna-clean filters which we would always recommend are fitted to your boiler which stops iron oxide and other particles from entering the boiler.  We have saved our customers over £500 per powerflush when our prices are compared with other large competitors, if you are looking for a cost effective service you should give us a call.


Should you require any further information or a price for a powerflush on your heating system please feel free to contact us on 01786 625242, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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