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Legionella is the bacteria that results in Legionnaires disease.  Legionnaires disease is type of pneumonia and can be caught by inhaling water droplets in the air which contains the Legionella Pneumophila bacteria, most people who are exposed to this bacteria do not become ill, however the more bacteria someone inhales the more likely they will become ill and can be fatal.


The bacterium which causes legionnaires disease mainly lives in water, outbreaks occur normally from purpose built water systems where temperatures are between 20c and 45c which encourages the growth of the bacteria.  It is worth noting that approximately half of the cases of Legionnaires in the UK are caught whilst abroad.


It is now a legal requirement for a Legionella Risk Assessment to be carried out in private rented accomodation.  We offer a Legionella Risk Assessment for £75 and offer prompt turn around times and an easy to use service.


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